Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Snow of 2009

This evening around 4pm it started snowing. We had gone down to SouthCenter to celebrate Jordan's birthday, and by the time we left the restaurant to drive home there was at least a half inch covering the ground.
We got home probably a bit after 7pm with around the same ammount accumulated on the ground, Lindsey went inside and got Cinnamon and the video camera while I waited in the car.

A few minutes later I saw Cinnamon wearing her coat and sniffing the bushes bordering the sidewalk to our house with Lindsey following her, camera stuck to her eye watching every little move Cinnamon would make.
We spent about 10 minutes outside walking in the snow over to the side of the condos where there is a large area of grass and trees, I took the leash of Cinnamon's collar and let her walk around as she saw fit.

At first she didn't do much, just kinda stood and yawned by Lindsey taping her, but I went further away and called to her and she trotted down to me and sniffed around.
We tried to wait until she used the bathroom but she either didn't have to or forgot on account of the snow, as it can be quite distracting.
Eventually she got cold, or so I imagined and we started walking back to the house.
She never used the bathroom but she did get covered in snow despite how many times she tried shaking it off.

We brought her inside and dried her off then we went about our nightly habits, a few minutes before I went to shower she had ate some ice cream and when finished didn't feel like giving up the cup, quickly moving her head over it and guarding it if Lindsey or I came close.
Lindsey wanted to get it from her so she didn't swallow any paper bits as she tore it up, so she got her the treat box in the kitchen and as soon as Cinnamon heard it shake she jumped up and I snatched the cup out from under her.

It is still snowing but will probably be turned to rain by midnight, but hopefully we will have more snow days this winter to take her out in, she seems to love it, if not only for the fact that she feels she can pee anywhere.


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