Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bath Time

Yesterday I stayed home from work cause I wasn't feeling well, and lins got off early enough for us to take Cinnamon down to the PupScrub to give her a bath, as we hadn't gone in over two weeks.
It has been very rainy lately so when she goes outside she walks through puddles and splashes all manner of mud and dirt up onto her legs and underbelly. That and over time her head begins to smell dirty, why that of all places I haven't a clue.

So we take her to the car and she knows exactly which one and where to sit and wait while we unlock the doors and open them, retracting the seat as far back as it can go to give her room. She can put her front paws up but she can't jump to get her back legs up so we have to lift her the rest of the way. Inside I squeeze in next to her and give her as much room as possible. She always puts her head up by the shifter and lays it down when she finds room to, its very cute, and we've taken many a pictures of her like that. After a couple of minutes sitting up she always manages to curl her body around and lay down at my feet in the car, she looks super cramped but she doesn't complain too much.

At the PupScrub she hugs the walls, as she doesn't particularly care for the floors. They can be quite slippery, but this time her feet stayed firmly under her.We were the only ones there that night, which was a first, as usually all five of the tubs are filled with all kinds of dogs hooting and hollering about how they feel at that current moment. None of which I care to hear.

Same situation with the tub as with getting into the car, she can lift her front up but we have to help get her back end in. Easy enough as its not very high up.
We always use the tar medicated shampoo as that is supposed to help with dandruff and itchy sensitive skin; that with the oatmeal conditioner and a tearless face wash.
We usually spend about an hour there wetting her down, washing her slowly and letting the shampoo sit for a couple of minutes, playing with her hair making mohawks and such, rinsing, then doing the same with the conditioner, but the place was close to closing so it only took about a half an hour this time.

The longest part I think is drying her. I sit at the front of the tub on a little stool blocking the opening with a towel so she doesnt try to jump down, as she seems a bit afraid of the hair dryer from time to time. I hold her front and towel dry her and pet her while Lins blow drys her everywhere else, its a bit of a routine we've found ourselves doing.

There is a short little leash that they provide to hinge them to the back of the tub away from the opening where they can be tethered so they dont wander around and jump out when they are wet, we used that for a while but the past couple of times we dont hook her, one of us just holds onto the leash, I think she likes it better that way too. When its time to dry her though I take the leash off completely since I am blocking the front. This time though when her face was being blown Lins didn't turn it down to half power so Cinnamon was more bothered by it than usual. She proceeded to wander back around the tub, knocking over the shampoo and conditioner that was on the ledge before finally coming back to me trying to make a break for it, but I stop her, I always do, just pet her and talk to her, and shes okay then.

When were done we get her two gourmet doggie treats, this time a large donut and a fish cookie. Then we take her down the sidewalk to a little courtyard with trees and she uses the bathroom there like always.

After we got her back in the car we went to Walgreens right down the street to pick up some stuff. She jumped up onto the seat when we went into the store and waited there looking in at the doors presumably the whole time we were inside. We came out and saw her looking at us with a smile on her face so I had Lins take a picture with her camera.

The other picture is from a bath we gave her a while ago, but it shows how little she looks when wet, and that is her with her mohawk down her back too.


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