Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Cinnamon Christmas

Have you ever thought about what a holiday, special occasion or even just a lazy Saturday looked like through the eyes of your pet?? I have, and thus my entry today. I am sure I don’t have all of the details correct, but I think this gets you pretty close (hour by hour) to what her Christmas this year was all about.

Wow I have to potty. I have been in this hot room all night – sleeping on the big bed with mom and dad – and I drank an entire bowl of water before they lifted me up here. Yes, I definitely have to potty. Too bad I don’t have hands. I have no way of getting outside to do my business. Well…I will do the only thing I know will work…wine!! Yep. Wine, wine, wine. It works every time.

Burrrr. It was really cold outside. All that white stuff makes it hard for me to walk, but it makes the potty spots really easy to find. I can see them all lit up in bright yellow!! Ah well, back to sleep.

What…why are you moving? Hey, where is everyone going? I don’t want to get up, but I don’t want to stay here alone. Mom, don’t leave; we were all snuggled up and warm and now you are leaving. Why? What is going on out there? Sniff, sniff, sniff….oh. Oh!!! Something smells like heaven. Ok, get me down. I don’t know how to get out of this bed on my own. Help dad. Fast!!!! My tongue is out, my mouth is watering. Is that my food that smells so wonderful!! Yum yum yum yum.

Nope. That was not my food that smelled so yummy. I did get some cheese though. Um…I like cheese.
I got a new bone and treats too. Dad put something on my head and kept smiling at me. What was he smiling at? Mom made that flash thing and smiled too. Everyone was smiling at me – do I have bed head or morning breath or something? What is so funny? Humf. Time to lay down for a bit. Just a second to rest my eyes and……snore.

Opened my eyes – everyone is still here. Humf….Snore.

Yawn…stretch…hum, thirsty. Come on legs. One, two, threeeeee…four. Fhew. All legs are up. Over to water bowl. Get a nice cold drink. Sniff around. Make two laps around the house for good measure. Come back to bed. One, two, threeeeee. Humpf. Down. Snore.

There is something crawling on me. What? Ahhh it is that little thing, Hunter is what they call him. Boy is that annoying. Can we get rid of that…thing? Maybe leave it outside or something? It moves too fast and makes too much noise. Grrrrr. What a bother.

Gotta go, gotta go! Take me out please.

Pet time. Yup. That is right. I will keep putting my head under your hand for you to pet me. I like this way too much to let you stop. I love this. It is because I love you. Tail wag. Thump thump thump. This means I’m happy. Oh…let me just roll to my side to give you more surface to pet. Side dog – your favorite!

Yum, yum, yum. I smell dinner. My dinner? Nope – you are all at the table eating some good foods. What do I get? Ok. You are eating your dinner so I will go eat mine. Drink my drink. Come over and lay under the table. Maybe I will get a yummy bit. Burrrp!!! My my, where did that come from? Me???

Ball time? Play? Take the ball, one fetch, lay down, I’m done.

All that food, all that water….gotta go again! Quick, quick. Maybe we can go for a walk too? Smell the sights – yes!!

Nice walk. Now time for a nice sit. Lets turn that sit into a lay. Ah yeah – that is nice. Head down. Snore.

Potty time. Once more. Promise, just one.

Back to bed. Lift me up please. Nigh nigh.

This is Christmas from Cinnamon's POV. What a great day!!! Love you girl.


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