Friday, March 27, 2009

Cinnamon Goes to NYC! (vicariously)

Flying in a Plane! Skating at Rockafeller Center! Watching Wicked on Broadway! Hanging out in Times Square! Running under the Brooklyn Bridge! Strutting on Coney Island beach! Waiting for the Subway! Chillaxing on the Subway! Hiring out a Carriage ride! Crossing a bridge! O Hai, it's Central Park! All my favorite things!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sometimes when Cinnamon sleeps she puts out one leg, as a makeshift kickstand.
It is a necessary precaution to prevent sudden doggie capsizing often created by strong winds or parental snuggle attacks.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Handy Man - I mean Cinnamon

The Corley's got a new table for the kitchen. Being an active member of the family, Cinnamon jumped right in to offer a paw.

The table went together pretty easily - the hard part was setting it up with a Cinnamon colored lump right in the middle of the floor!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

All Fun and Games

Cinnamon loves to play. Yeah...she is 14 - so she doesn't play crazy or nothin...but we have a good time. Ball is our favorite game. We played last night until she could barely stand up. But even when she laid down, out of breath, she didn't want to stop playing.

I could play ball with her forever. And ever. And ever.

Ball ball ball ball ball ball ball ball......


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Funny Bedtime Routine

Last night Cinnamon fell asleep out in the living room, and she looked so peaceful sleeping out there that I didn’t want to wake her. I went and took a shower and when I came back out I thought she would still be sleeping on her bed...but she wasn’t there. I thought she must have moved into the bedroom while I was showering, but she was not on her bed in the bedroom either. Where was she??
I walked back out to the living room and she was trotting circles around the table, looking like a lost child at the supermarket. She was wondering where everyone had gone and had the most confused look on her face. Poor girl. I motioned with my hand for her to come with me into the bedroom (she is really good at knowing what that hand motion means - even in the dark) and she pranced past me toward the end of the bed. But she didn’t get into her bed. She stopped just before it and looked at me. Mike was sleeping, so I whispered “go get in your bed honeybun.” She did not turn to go in her bed though. Instead she scooted past me and went back into the living room. What was she doing? I walked around the corner and saw exactly what she was doing – she was going to her bed like I had asked…only she went back out to her living room bed!! She is so funny. I waived my arm again and said that she was a silly girl and she needed to come to her other bed. Geeze – We humans are totally confusing!!
Finally she made it to her bed, the one in the bedroom and plopped down hard, as if to say – HERE. I AM HERE. HAPPY?
As I nestled under the covers I heard her get up one more time. She circled 3 or 4 times, found just the right spot and with a huff found the perfect sleep spot.
What a time! I will certainly try to make tonight’s bedtime routine much easier.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow Day!!

The snow didnt last long, but we played in what was left. Yay for SNOW


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lazy Day

Today was a lazy day for the Corley family. We were supposed to set our clocks ahead an hour – Spring Forward and all – but we forgot. I felt kind of bad that we had slept through church, but I felt even worse when I changed the time on my clock from 11:00 to noon….meaning it was lunch time and I was just rolling out of bed. Oh well, everyone needs one of those lazy days every once and a while. It is good for the soul.
Of course, Cinnamon's morning started bright and early at 7am like usual. Mike was sleeping soundly, so I took her out in the morning. Apparently she had to go back out at 10:30 (or I guess it was 11:30) when Mike got up. Too much water I guess.

So we spent most of the day napping and lounging in our sweatpants. Ahh the life!

Brandon and Becs stopped by today with baby Bella. It was good to see them…but what was even better was seeing Cinnamon’s first interaction with a baby – and baby Bella’s first experience with a dog. They were both so wide eyed and curious of the other. I can only imagine the thoughts that both of them were having. In any case, you could tell that both of them were happy. Bella was bouncing and cooing with excitement, trying whenever she could to reach out for the new four legged creature. Cinnamon was reciprocating the enthusiasm with the wag of her tail. After a while though, like the old lady she is, she just laid on the flore and wait for the new creature to leave so she could nap.

And nap she did – for the rest of the day until around 6:00 or so, Cinnamon got a burst of energy. She was trotting around the living room like she does – announcing that she is ready to play. So like any good mom I got on the floor with her. Mike was up on the couch reading his book and I could see him watching us and smiling. We played ball for a long time. She doesn’t normally play that long, but she did tonight.

We could tell that she was getting tired because she started breathing really hard. It was a good pant though. I thought she was done playing so I sat back on my rear and crossed my legs. Cinnamon came over to me and did the funniest thing. She laid down right in front of me and then plopped her head in my lap. She has never done that before. It was so cute! I put my face down in her fur and blew in her ears and kissed all over her cheeks. She rolled with delight and snuggled even closer to me.

This is our dog. She does normal and extraordinary things every day. I cant wait till tomorrow.