Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dinner Time, Our Favorite Thing

Last night right around dinner time, it was time for dinner.

We made beef stew which looked and smelled very similar to Cinnamon's new wet dog food that she's been getting mixed in with her dry food. So similar in fact when the can was opened and the scent released, Cinnamon came into the kitchen looking up at us making food wondering when she would get it. She never did cause it was our dinner and she had her food in her bowl.
She eventually learned this and went and ate her own food while we went and ate ours.
All together as a family.

I did share some of our brown oaty bread with her, which she enjoyed, along with a nice piece of swiss cheese.

And who doesn't love swiss cheese?
Cinnamon loves swiss cheese.


1 comment:

  1. I remember when your Mom got Cinnamon.. She was the cutest puppy and what a wonderful story you two have written about this incredible dog..
    Like you I believe that dogs are an important part of your family and I couldn't get through a day without my Maggie..
    Love you,, Grandma