Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quite Saturday

Today, It's just Cinnamon and I. Lindsey drove down to her parents last night, so we've been here alone all day and will be till tomorrow afternoon.

Cinnamon woke up around 9am and had to go to the bathroom, so I got up then and took her out, then I made breakfast for myself and her and read on the couch till about 11. Cinnamon layed on her bed next to me until she got up and started pacing and I took her out for a long walk. We came back in and I layed down on the couch long ways in the sun, and Cinnamon layed down right next to me, and I let my arm dangle over the side and petted her until we both fell asleep. A few hours later I worked on the computer and eventually I went for a run and came back and ate dinner/lunch, and then Cinnamon I noticed was limping around. It was her front right paw that seemed to be hurting her, so I layed on her bed with her for a while and massaged it and pet her while I listened to Northern Lights audiobook.

Eventually I got her up and we went out for another walk, I was afraid that she would have trouble going down the stairs if her paw was hurting, but she managed fine. And while walking outside she walked slightly better, though she was very slow in coming home.
Back inside upstairs she again was limping, like the carpet was hurting her or something. I gave her a treat and tried to play ball with her, but she only retrieved it once slowly, not seeming to want to when her leg was hurting.

I went back to the computer and worked for a while longer, and she came in and snuck under my legs and layed down under the computer desk, I had to move the chair out a bit to make room for her. I worked for a bit more, but then stopped and started putting away the laundry watching her watching me under the chair. When I was done I went back and pulled away the chair and pet her for a while longer. I then went to take a shower and she came and layed down in the bathroom to wait like she normally does, but when I got out and went to the bedroom she didn't follow me like usual. I had to encourage her to get up and follow me into the bedroom.
Currently she is in her bed, her leg seems to be hurting her very badly because I had to coax her to her bed, she almost just lay down in the hall. I hope she feels better in the morning.
If she wakes up when I go to bed I will probably let her sleep up there with me, otherwise I'll just let her be on her bed.


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