Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's

Today Lindsey and I took Cinnamon to the dog park in Redmond, we stayed and played for a while looking at all the colorful doggies and then we left and ran a few errands, like buying books and looking at furniture. Cinnamon stayed in the car for most of those stops, but after that we took her to the PupScrub and gave her a nice bath. As her skin we had noticed was becoming quite dry and flaky.

There was a dog at the PupScrub, a husky I believe that kept whining while it was being bathed, in a low moany way, it did not sound like a dog at all, it was quite humorous.

We bought 2 cannolis and took Cinnamon home and I sat on the couch to finish a book and Lindsey picked Cinnamon up and she layed down next to me and proceeded to fall asleep.

She kept making herself comfortable by putting her paws on my arm and snuggling up closer.
She has never fallen asleep on me like that, usually when we put her up on the couch she just licks her paws or looks around until a few minutes pass and she decides it is time to get down.

I think she was just very very very very tired today.
And it was very sweet.


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