Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rough Night...

Poor Cinnamon. She had an upset tummy last night (as you can see from the post below)….but after the initial “blast” it only got worse.

I bought a new coffee table for the living room over the weekend and started to set it up last night. She kind of started getting all fidgety, huffing and puffing around me like she was totally out of breath. It took me a second to realize that she was doing what I like to call the “poopy pacing”…you know, kind of trotting back and forth – not able to get comfortable because she knew what was rumbling inside of her!!
We all know how it feels. And it is no fun! We took her out about 4 times between dinner and bedtime (normally she only has to go once).
And she continued that trend throughout the night. Our friend Adam was staying over and ended up having to wake up and take her out. Thanks Adam (and our carpet thanks you too). I took her out two other times in the late hours of the early morning.
Needless to say Cinnamon didn’t sleep much last night – and thus neither did I. Mike slept through the night though…so at least one of us will be functioning today. I don’t blame her though…the same thing will happen to me when I am old and can’t get to the bathroom on my own. Things like that don’t matter when you love someone like we love her.
Lucky for Cinnamon she gets to relax and nap as long as she wants during the day today.
Oh girl…I wish I could join you.
Well, let’s hope that she got it all out of her system last night and tonight will be a much better night for all.


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