Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lessons from a Lady

Many of the lessons we have learned from Cinnamon over the years can be very well translated into a human life. Some of them…well…some of them are just for dogs. We will let you decide which is which.

1. Always let your tail show what your heart is feeling – or if you don’t have a tail – just show those around you what is in your heart.

2. Take a moment to stop and smell the flowers, sniff the grass and enjoy the breeze.

3. A good bark in the right direction can be a great thing.

4. Looking longingly with big sad eyes isn’t begging, it is simply being adorable and it cannot be helped.

5. Take sleep seriously! Do it. Lots. Tell me that doesn’t feel good.

6. Don’t let your breed determine your actions. Just because Golden Retrievers are supposed to like water doesn’t mean all of them will want to swim.

7. Don’t poop on the carpet – if you can help it.

8. Always be excited to see the ones you love. You will never know how much your excitement means to them.

9. You are never too old to enjoy a nice cuddle with your favorite squeaky toy. NEVER!

10. Make every walk an adventure, because you never know what is around the next corner.

11. Be sure to eat all of your dinner so you can get to the good stuff…Desert!

12. Snoring is sexy. Okay, maybe cute is a better word, but it is wonderful.

13. Be thankful for the parents you have. They have helped get you this far.

14. A yellow ball is ALWAYS a great gift idea.

15. Celebrate life. Love Unconditionally. Because life is richer with you in it.

With all my love,

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