Friday, June 19, 2009


Stairs can be hard when you get older, if you were 98 would like to climb two stories of stairs every time you want to go outside and play or go pottie? I should think not.

Cinnamon also doesn't seem to enjoy the stairs as of late. Shes a trooper though, she tackles them with stiff determination. So stiff that sometimes her back legs act up in a manner to which they've been giving out on her because they are, oh so tired.

We understand that stairs are no fun, so we have begun to carry her upstairs when Cinnamon does not feel like climbing them that day. It's really quite nice, she just tucks her back legs under her tummy and looks around wondering when this human elevator will let her down.

Thankfully shes not too heavy, but of course even if she was, we'd still lift her.


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