Sunday, April 5, 2009


Today it was sunny with a high of almost 75. First real day that felt like spring this year, the non rainy kind of spring day at least. We woke up and had cream of wheat for breakfast then took Cinnamon to the Dog Park.
It was a beautiful day, we stayed there for probably 2 hours just sitting in the sun watching all the dogs. Cinnamon found a nice stinky smell that she wanted to roll in, which she managed one roll until Lins stopped her cause she just had a bath yesterday and we didn't want her to be all dirty again.
We left and went to Costco quickly getting what was on the list while Cinnamon waited in the car, then we ran back pushing the cart to the very back of the lot, the only place we could find a parking spot, opened the hatch and I pored Cinnamon a bowl of water and we sat with her until she was done drinking.
We went home and just lounged around for the rest of the day/evening.
I played DS and Lins watched T.V. then I looked over the side where Cinnamon's bed is and she was laying all curled up with the ball in her legs held close to her chest like it was a teddy bear.
We quietly managed a couple pictures of it before she woke up.
- M

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